What is the Maricopa education program?

Sponsored by multiple municipalities, agencies and private businesses, the Maricopa County Education Program is dedicated to working directly with teachers and students within Maricopa County to activate thinking and engage students in exploration and inquiry about water and the world.  Our programs help teachers meet Arizona Academic Standards in their classrooms and provide professional development opportunities that evolve instructional practice and deepen content knowledge.  By delivering in-classroom presentations and facilitating field trips, we extend classroom learning. See the programs available in Maricopa County below.


Our Programs

Groundwater Education Programs


APW's classroom groundwater presentation uses systems thinking and the interactive Parflow groundwater flow models.

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Arizona Water Festival

AWF photo

Arizona Water Festivals (AWF) instill a deeper understanding of water in the earth system and Arizona's water resources through a 4th grade curriculum unit driven by exploration and inquiry. 

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Water Scene Investigation

WSI photo

The Water Scene Investigation School Programs challenge students to inspect water use in their homes and/or at school and take action to save water. 

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Aqua Stem

Aqua Stem

Authentic and meaningful science and engineering units driven by phenomena and three-dimensional instruction are ready for use in the classroom.

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Ag Irrigation - Models & Costs


Help students understand the importance of agricultural irrigation to our community. Schedule the Analyzing the Cost of Water in Food and Designing Water Irrigation Models presentations today!